1 Year Anniversary!

First of all I want to tell you guys something… I won’t be posting spiration monthly post anymore every single month (there will be some posts about it, but just not every single month). 

Second of all…. IT HAS BEEN A YEAR SINCE I STARTED MY BLOG!!! so HAPPY BIRTHDAYY to all of you who has been a true reader this whole year!! 

I wanted to start a blog like 5 years ago and I finally did it last year, when I finished my exams and didn’t really had anything to do. That’s why I thought that was the right time to start!

I started this blog to kind of help people by sharing my stories with YOU. No matter if I write about something happy or sad we will all learn something about it and use it for the next time. I ended up with sharing more posts about random stuff such as: cooking and how to… posts. 

I just want to THANK YOU guys for all your support!

– Stay positive and support each other 😊



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