Who am I?


Who am I?

There is this girl called Sinthija. Lets just say that Sinthija is like a book: don’t judge her by her cover. Sinthija is a 17 year old girl who has been trough a lot and has big dreams. If you ask anyone they will say Sinthija is a very quiet, sweet and a smart girl. That is true, but there’s also a side of her which not everyone knows about besides the people she is close with…

A side where she’s willing to take risks for her dreams to come true, sacrifice things for her friends and family and being a bad girl in a good way. But also a side where she loves to sing, dance and act.

There are some people who don’t always like or understand the choices Sinthija makes. They want Sinthija to go straight on to the path of succes, but what they don’t know is that Sinthija doesn’t get her things done so easily. That’s why she falls down almost all the time, but comes back stronger and stronger.

So guys… I had to write an introduction about myself in a third person in English for school and I thought why not post it on my blog too? I’m kind of telling you guys  who I am in a short way. You will read more of my adventures and how I think about some things on this blog, so keep reading guys.

PS: I just revealed myself… how cool is that?!!

Hope you guys know me a bit better now 🙂



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