How to deal with exams?!

I know April / May are those months with the big exams. I had my biggest exams last year and oh boy it was a hard time. It was even hard because, I had to go through it almost by myself (I had one friend who was going through the same as me).  Luckily I got through it and I want to share my tips & tricks with you guys.

Because there is a lot to tell about making/dealing with exams, I will be posting more posts about it this week. So make sure to read every single post to complete this little workshop thing ish (don′t know exatcly how to call it)

How do you study?

Studying is not really learning what it says and it′s also not about making good schedules (even though it is important). Studying as a pro means understanding the words/sentences you have to learn and to remember this stuff, sooo look here underneath for the tips.

  • Read the course material more than once!
  • The first time you read something, make sure you make a summary/schedule of it.
  • The second time: you learn everything of your summary/schedule.
  • The third time: ask yourself some questions to see if you know everything about the subject (if not, keep learning the summary/schedule until you know).
  • Take a break from your study sessions. Just take 5 – 10 min break to freshen up your mind.

Making a summary:

  1. Read the material carefully.
  2. Write the key words per paragraph on.
  3. If you′re done with reading, write at the key words the important information.
  4. Make a coherence of it and you′re summary is done!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor summary example

Making a schedule:

  1. Place the main topic at the top.
  2. Create side branches for each subject that has to do with the main topic.
  3. Put under the topic of the side branches the most important information in key words.
  4. Make more side branches if you need and you´re schedule is ready!


Making a mindmap:

  • A mindmap is actually the same as a schedule, but without the branches (it´s with the circkels).

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Where do you study?

  • Quiet area: maybe you can′t study well at your home because for an example your brother keeps playing that annoying music. The library is the perfect place to study, at my library they have this study rooms where students can study peacefully.
  • If you can study well at home, make sure you have a clean desk to study on.
  • This doesn′t help for everyone, but if it does for you than try to study at different places. Sometimes you just need a diferent place to keep on track.


That was kind of an long post huh? But I hope I helped you with these tips & tricks. Tomorrow I will be posting part 2 of this content. Untill then….

Have a great day, Succes and see ya tomorrow!




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