Fifty Shades Darker

I just wanna keep calling your name, until you come back homee.

It’s 22:54 pm now and I just decided to write a little post about the movie Fifty Shades Darker, the second part of the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey.

In 2015 Fifty Shades Of Grey came out in the theatres and I remember I was like who’s going to watch such a movie which is all about sex. But oh boy I was wrong. One day I was bored and decided to watch Fifty Shades Of Grey. The movie was so so soo goood. It was immediatley one of my favourite movies. Maybe it sounds a bit weird for some of you guys, but I loved the story line.

And today (yesterday for you guys) I watched Fifty Shades Darker and this one was soo much sexier than the last one. I enjoyed every single part of the movie. There was definetely more sex in it, but not too overwhelming.

Christian laughed so much more in this movie and Anastasia got sort of what she wanted. At some scenes I almost cried not necessarily because it was sad, but because of the danger there was and then there is always this question about what is going to happen next!

I don’t want to say a lot about this movie you just have to watch it. If you love romantic movies with a pinch of salt then you will LOVE this movie!

As Anastasia Steele says in this movie:




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