How to stay positive?

You can’t change your situation, the only thing you can change is how you chose to deal with it. This is something we really need to remember everyday. It’s so hard to stay positive these days. The world is getting negative and we are all letting the negativity take over our lives. THAT needs to change guys!

I can tell myself, I get negative when people surround me are negative or when I’m doing something I don’t really like to do. So that’s why I decided to write a post about being positive and I sorted things out and made a list of how to get positive. I also made a post about motivation somewhere last year so if you’re interested… check my post out! I would also like to tell you that this post isn’t only for you guys, but also for myself to remember why I wrote this and if I don’t really know it anymore… I can always look back at this post!


Where do I start with?…. There are so many ways to stay positive, but you need to find your way for how to stay positive or how to TURN positive. If I get happy from singing, it doesn’t mean you will get happy from that too (do you get what I mean?).

Here are a 3 ways that I think will help you to stay positive and hopefully works for you ( if it’s not working for you, then don’t worry I’m working on another post as well).

  1. Get rid of all the negativity –> This is simply said then it’s done, but believe me… it helps!!! It doesn’t matter if you write it down or say it to someone, just get it out of your system! Also make sure you don’t surround yourself with negative people. Can I please tell a certain grouchy coworker this tomorrow?  Please?:
  2. Go for a walk –> Go for a nice little ( or long) walk. The fresh air will get your mind calm and ready for any challenges. La Gran Muralla, Pekín, China                                                                                                                                                     Más:
  3. Watch a movie/serie –> Take your laptop, go sit down at a quiet place and watch something you surely know you will get happy/positive about it. A nice movie will give you a boost to do something with your life and make the best out of it.

Only Young and Hungry fans will understand!:






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