Things to do during christmas time

There is so much fun things to do during christmas time, take a look down here for some ideas!


Gingerbread house                                                                                                                                                                                 More:
Make a gingerbread house and use it as a decor for your house


bucket list: pond skating!--- did this growing up in cottage country northern…:
Go ice skating, this is a typical winter acticity which you can´t do in the summer, so this is you´re only chance!k
"Tudo que é seu, encontrará uma maneira de chegar até você." Ótima quarta pra…:
Make a hot chocolate for you and your friend (go see my earlier post, how to make some delicious ones)
Noël en Provence, France                                                                                                                                                                                 More:
Visit a christmas market
Gingerbread Cookies -- my all-time favorite recipe for these classic Christmas cookies! |
Bake some delicious  (gingerbread) cookies


Have a christmas movie night (for movie recomadations and treats go check my earlier posts).
Christmas Decorations.:
Buy gifts for your friends&family (see earlier post for ideas).
DIY Gift for the Office - Little Something TO Brighten Your Day - DIY Gift Ideas for Your Boss and Coworkers - Cheap and Quick Presents to Make for Office Parties, Secret Santa Gifts - Cool Mason Jar Ideas, Creative Gift Baskets and Easy Office Christmas Presents
Organise secret Santa for you and your friends.
Printable Christmas Songs -- Frame and hang for decorations.:
Sing christmas carols!


A winner and a Which would you choose? - The Enchanted Home:
Decorate your house

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