December spiration

It’s D E C E M B E R guys! Which means the festive season can begin, the celebrations can start and we can officially talk about christmas!

LETS DO THIS girls week joeys home! knicks game BEYONCE Christmas New Years :) More:  Winter Night - East 9th Street, East Village, New York City Illustrationen - Print "Oh Deer" DIN A 4 - ein Designerstück von TreeChild bei DaWanda:  Winter!!! "*singsongy* Jesuuuuuusssss!!!!!!!! lol only people who go to my church would get that ^^": 23 Christmas Centerpiece Ideas That Will Raise Everybody’s Eyebrows:
* s t i c k e r s *:







Image Via: Britta Nickel:

Pinterest: @katiee_emm                                                                                                                                                      More:  We’re dreaming of a white Christmas, but the weatherman is saying otherwise. Instead we can dream with this lovely scene.:

We love winter and snow (even though we don't get a whole lot where we currently live). Snow covered trees, wood house, textures on the table). Aesthetically I like the use of colors, natural tones, and negative space.:  This would be easy to do with some fabric paint and stencil on a plain pillow.:



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