Do you know that feeling when you see your dream car and you’re just like damn guurl thats’t it… I can’t explain that feeling you just have to know.

Yesterday I went with my friend to a car festival. Our plan was just to eat something in the city centre and talk about the last couple of weeks cause we haven’t seen each other for weeks. When we got there, there were lots of fancy cars so when me and my friend saw it, we took lots of photos of ourselfs and fan girld a lot!

There were also lots of cute food trucks,but I didn’t buy any food unfortunately. And if you are wondering why the title of this article is called streekparade then it’s because the car show, food trucks and all the other stuff was a part of the event and that all together is called a streekparade in Dutch.

There was also an army show and it was soo hilarious! These 3 ladies and a man were singing lots of songs, it was too amazing for words!



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