My Birthday!

GUYS… I’m finally 17 years old! My birthday was on 21 August (last sunday). The whole morning I just chilled at home and around 3/4 o clock pm I cut the cake with my parents. After around 5pm or something I went to a birthday party from my friend. It wasn’t her real birthday that day but she just celebrated it.

It was fun though, there were a lot of people and also from different countries such as londen and france. After 21.30 pm we went to home. For the rest of the evening I just talked to people who wished me for my birthday and ate a lot of red velvet cake which is my favourite!

My friends wanted to visit me on my birthday, but I said they can visit me another day because I had to go to the birhday party of my friend. So later that day I just asked my friends for a picnic on wednesday.

The picnic party went great, we ate a lot of food I brought. We had mini sandwiches, popcorn, chips, drinks, chocolate chip cookies, cucumber, fruits and more.

Here are some pictures of the 2 days of my celebration, enjoy!

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There is a thing that you guys don‘t know and that is that I also write on I already posted there an article about my day in Disneyland Paris and will also post this article on it.

See you later!



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