So if you guys have read my earlier post, you know that I got a job at a supermarket. I’m working for almost a month there. And today I got told that I can’t work any longer as a cashier. If I still want to work at the supermarket I have to work at another section.

The thing is I don’t want to work at another section. I have till monday to think about it and if I don’t want to work there anymore, then I have to write a dismissal letter. At first when they told me that I was actually a bit sad, but now I’m glad that I don’t have to work there anymore. I never wanted to work there in the first place, but I was so bored at home that I didn’t really had a choice.

When I started working at the supermarket I felt a bit anxious and I still don’t really know why. Maybe because everything was new to me? I just thought that it would go away when I got used to it, but it never did. My anxiety started when I had to go to work, not when I was at work. Weird isn’t it? I don’t get it either, I actually never had anxiety before.

Now that I’m unemployed, I have lots of time (2 weeks tbh till school starts again) to concentrate on other fun things. Like going out with my friends and starting to cook again, because I actually kind of stopped cooking when I started to go to work.

I will search for another job that is not at a supermarket. Gosh I hate to work at the supermarket. I knew before starting the job that I wouldn’t like to work at a supermarket but it was the only chance to earn some money. Now that I’m almost 17 years old (next week) I have more chances to get a job. I also have some (work) experience now to put on my cv.

Although it was a bit of a scary little journey for me I also had fun. I’ve learned so much and I’m thankfull for that.

If something like this has happened to you before or if you are going through it, just see it as a positive thing and carry on with your life. Search for another job, I know someone will hire you for a job, untill then you just have to wait.

Lots of love Sinthija x





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