Mini BBQ

On a very sunny day my parents and I decided to have a bbq. Because we are only with 3 people we had a mini bbq.


I made a simple drink for myself. It’s some pink lemonade with little ice cubs in it, which you can’t really see in the picture. I’ve also put some lemon on the side and a cute straw.



This was my plate hahaha. Don’t worry because there isn’t a lot of food on my plate, I only had a certain of amount on my plate for the picture.


This was my dessert number 1. The cake comes from Marks&Spencer.


And as you might guess, this was my dessert number 2.

I think I might do a lot of food articles. It’s a simple and enjoyable article to read (I hope) and to write!

Lots of love, Sinthija x



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