A day in Amsterdam

Thursday I went to Amsterdam with my friend and we were being tourists in our own city. We got hungry when we came there so we had lunch by the macdonals (feeling guilty now) and right after that we just walked through the streets and saw a cute litlle Italian shop with lots of pastries, but we didn’t stop by. A few shops away there was another cute little bakery called the Ice Bakery with lots of different flavored macarons , cakes and ofcourse NUTELLA! By the way… everyone needs to know that I’m a huge fan of macarons and cake!

oThen we saw a huge nice building called the Magna plaza. It looked very interesting so we went to it, also because I’ve heard they have yankee candles. Once we were inside we just took a moment of silence to see how beautiful the inside of the building was!



20160721_14104120160721_141423We just looked in to the shops but unfortunately neither of us did buy something because of the price #nomoneyprobs.

After that we went to different kind of shops such as: Forever 21, Pull&Bear, River Island, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Monki, H&M, Marks&Spencer, Van Haren, Bijenkorf and many other shops. We didn’t looked properly in the bijenkorf because it’s a very expensive warehouse, but we did looked upstairs by the restaurant and saw a cute drink bar where you can sit at a cute place. 20160721_171046We just sat there for a moment and decided we wanted to go to home. While walking through the streets I just had to make a picture of the buildings.

20160721_172002 This is the stuff I bought, it’s not a lot but I’m happy with it. I saw lots of cute dresses etc but had to restrain myself because I’m saving my money at the moment. It’s a flower crown and a mini notebook. I also bought a cake for my mum’s birthday at Marks&Spencer.


And of course we closed our day with Starbucks!


Hope you had a nice read about my day in Amsterdam,

x Sinthija



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