A day in England?

A couple of weeks ago I went to Londen for 2 weeks. I wasn’t planning to go, but my family visited me and they asked if I would like to come over so I thought why not? It was the first time I went to another country without my parents. I was worrying about my parents because the house would be very quiet if I’m not at home. Luckily we all survived it and it was a great journey!

Even though it has been a few weeks ago, I still want to share some pictures with you guys. So here we go…

IMG-20160720-WA0060 (1)

I’m not sure how to call these, but my cousin and I went on a little tour on it and it was amazing! You could see a nice view. And they gave us a tour guide with the sights. At first we didn’t see the Londen Eye but at the end if you look good through the buildings you will find it.



IMG-20160720-WA0061.jpgThis is the O2. It’s a really famous building with restaurants and a cinema in it.


So my cousin and I were looking for Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, but we couldn’t find it because it wasn’t there. Then we saw wagamama and I remember Zoella always talk about it so I thought why shouldn’t I give it a shot? It was worth it because the food was amazing! Especially the firecracker chicken (last plate) was really really good!

Conjuring_2.jpg In the cinema we also watched Conjuring 2 and it was pretty scary and amazing at the same time! It is hard horror so definitely don’t watch it on your own.

IMG-20160720-WA0066.jpgAfter the movie we got a little treat for us at the Starbucks and closed our little adventure.

I had a blast in Londen and I’m missing it already!

You might be thinking why is she writing about one day while she went to Londen for 2 weeks? Well I didn’t took a lot of pictures of the places. I have pictures of me and my family but I would like to keep that for my own. It was a last minute trip, so I wasn’t really prepared for it. The next time I go back to Londen I definitely will take a lot of pictures.

Stay tuned for another (with this time more pictures) trip article coming soon 😉






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