Study Motivations

Exams , essays or just another test, we all stress and panick about it. What do I have to do? How am I going to learn? Heeeelp!…

First you need to get motivated if you don’t, the things you learn won’t stick in your head. So here are a few tips that helped me during my exam period and hopefully it will help you too. You can use these motivations also for other things if you want.  

  1. Wake up at the same time. Set an alarm on your phone or something else and wake up at every single day for an example at 6 o’clock am. At this way you won’t feel tired and it will get you on a good routine.                                                                                                         4c3e1a68e01b3a420db2563a2448baf8                                         
  2. Use music to motivate you. Positive vibes only!      
  3. Write your goals down, hang it on a place where you come everyday, it will remember why you are doing this.                                                                                                                    f429d03ff0963d0537db47c7e7faa86c
  4. Excercise 4-5 minutes a day before you’re going to do other things. This one is a bit hard because not everyone is active but you will find out that you will feel like you can accomplish everything.                                                                                                                                                                                                      download (4)
  5. Start early to study for your test! This is a struggle everyone is dealing with, but honey sooner or later you have to do it, otherwise you regret it later. You’ll end up studying at night which won’t really work and it is also unhealthy for your brain.                                                                                                                                                 e5f6cdbab7ef1880d99b6ddfe08a3638 

Hope you guys enjoyed my post, I will post more study tips&tricks in the future and if you think there is a motivation tip/tips you would like to share then pleace leave a comment below. I look forward to it!

Lots of love, Sinthija x 




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