Getting a job?

Hi guys,

2 weeks ago I finished my exams and now I sort of have a vacation for 2 months. While I was in my exam period I kept thinking about starting a blog because I need to do something, otherwise I will get bored so fast. I also searched for a job and I always said to my friends that I will never work at the supermarket and guess what? I am going to work at a supermarket.

I went for an interview and after that they called me to participate on a test which I have to pass for. I did pass for the test but there were some difficulties. The test was on a computer and the first thing you had to do was reading all the theory. After reading the theory you have to answer some questions. If you have all the questions right then you pass. There was a question which I knew the answer to but the computer didn´t pick it up right so it kept saying that I was wrong while I was clicking on it right. Hope you guys are still following it ;).

I ended up by asking some help from the staff and they said it was fine, I could bring the papers with the results of the test. From the moment they called me for an interview I was a bit scared because I didn´t know what to except, what I have to do or how to react. The only thing I know is that I have to grow up and not to be so scared, there are lots of exciting things coming up.

3f401ec9f0649fa6845596e8d7f2ec26                                                                                                                 Stay tuned for more…

Lots of love, Sinthija x








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